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27 FEB
Dienstag, 20:45 Uhr Reginald Bärris: Instant Classic Dauer 60 Minuten

Kabarett in English! Since appearing on the scene in 2016, Reginald Bärris has spearheaded Austria’s developing English comedy scene. He has been the opening acts for Netflix comedians Russell Peters, Tom Segura, and Ari Shaffir at their respective shows in Vienna. And he‘s also performed 2 shows alongside Thomas Maurer at Kultursommer for the festival’s first-ever English comedy program! 

Reginald has appeared at several major international festivals (Sziget Festival, Utretch International Comedy Festiva, and more), and sold out shows across Europe, headlining shows in 60+ cities in 22 countries!

“INSTANT CLASSIC” is the tour de force that launched Reginald’s career and is Kabarett Niedermair’s first English show! Reginald’s mostly autobiographical comedy offers a unique perspective as he blends cynicism and silliness to effortlessly deliver the densely packed punchlines that have made him one of the fastest rising young comedians in continental Europe.

01 / 408 44 92 oder kabarett@niedermair.at